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FXGM: Vad handlar det om och hur fungerar det?

What is FXGM ? Who are they? How does it work? If these are questions you have, then this informative article can help you.


FXGM: What is it?

FXGM is an online trading platform with opportunities to trade currencies, stocks, commodities, as well as indexes and more. It provides an opportunity for both beginners and experienced traders to do business with one of the Forex industry's leading brokers. 

Where is it based and who are the owners?

FXGM is owned by Depaho Ltd and is based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Since its foundation in 2006, the company has built a reputation as a fast growing brand in the Forex circles. It is regulated by a number of regulators. The company is registered with Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). It operates under the guidelines of the Financial Instrument Directive of the European Union (MIFID Directive).

What services are offered?

In addition to being a leading Forex trading platform , the web platform offers a wide range of other tools that make trading easy and stress free. Two different trading platforms are: MetaTrader 4 and WebPROfit.

MetaTrader 4 is a widely used platform and contains everything needed for trading to be done fast and without stress.

WebPROfit is a web-based trading platform that does not require downloading an app or application to your computer. It includes a number of trading tools such as real-time graphs, which means that analyzes can easily be made on this platform that offers current financial information from the global markets.

Do they offer anything extra?

FXGM also offers a wide range of extraservices. Mobile PROfit is an app you can use to access WebPROfit features from your tablet or mobile device. This way you can feel connected 24/7 because you get graphs, real-time exchange rates, and can change your positions and make business mobile.


In addition to this, the website offers free counseling and courses that contain videos, graphs and analytics tools that help beginners gain a better understanding of the pros and cons of the trading systems. This makes it easier for customers to increase their understanding of the market.

Do they care about their customers?

FXGM has a unique insurance plan ("Protection Insurance") that protects the interests of customers. If a new customer loses money on his first 5 business, FXGM will replace the lost money. But if the deal gives a profit, it will end up in the hands of the customer.


There is also a detailed page of frequently asked questions (a FAQ) that provides information about the site including information about the owners, parent company, past trends, as well as instructions and guidance. Pages with questions like this help to increase transparency and make customers know what they are doing.


How can I create an account?

There are 6 types of accounts on the site:

                A) Try-on Account (Discovery / Demo Account) that requires a $ 200 mini-deposit

                B) Silverware account that requires a $ 400 mini bet              

                C) Gold account that requires at least $ 1000

                D) Premium account that requires $ 2000

                E) Platinum account that requires $ 5000

                F) VIP account requiring an amount of at least $ 10,000 to open


Is there content in other languages?

The site is available in Arabic, English, French, Italian, Polish and Spanish, and customer support is available in English, French, Greek and Italian.

What reputation does their customer support have?

They have active 24-hour support, available via phone, SMS and email. The customer service is characterized by a knowledgeable and responsive staff.

Do you also offer commodity commodities?

They have a range of products for gold, silver and crude oil. 

And currency pairs?

Currency pairs aim at the grouping of two currencies on the Forex market. It is a comparative course. With FXGM, you can keep track of all the major currency pairs in the world, including AUD / CAD; AUD / CHF; AUD / JPY; AUD / NZD; AUD / USD; CAD / CHF, CAD / JPY; CHF / JPY; EUR / AUD; EUR / CHF; EUR / GBP; EUR / NZD; SILVER; USD / CAD; USD / JPY; USD / NOK and so on. You can monitor and trade 2 or more currency pairs to maximize your profitability.

Is there warning information?

Warning information is of the utmost importance as it helps customers decide what is most appropriate for them. The website contains a detailed department of questions and answers as well as additional documentation on the subject.

In summary, FXGM is an online broker that is easy to deal with. FXGM is characterized by transparency and emphasis on customer service. And it's easy to open an account. So after evaluating the above points, investors have good opportunities to make profits if they decide to use FXGM.


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