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  1. Legal translations: when and why clients need it? 


Legal translation of texts is a rather popular type of service among all countries. It is most often used by entrepreneurs who conduct foreign economic activity or companies with foreign partners, new clients and investors. Also, the translation of legal documents may be necessary for employment abroad, confirmation of inheritance rights, contesting a court decision and other cases.

The most popular types of legal translations:

  • Court document translation
  • Contracts and trade agreements
  • Intellectual property and patent translation
  • Legal dictionary of terms translation
  • Contract translation
  • Witness statement translation
  • Foreign legal text translation
  • Legal marketing translation
  • Registration document translation
  • Expert report translation
  • Arbitration translation

Legal document translation is complicated and requires the translator to have deep knowledge of laws and other areas of life. Since these documents often carry not just information but are involved in resolving disputes and legal relations between some parties, an accurate and competent translation of each word is necessary for a successful outcome.

How to get a high-quality translation of legal documents

Even if you are fluent in foreign languages, you should not translate the official translation of legal documents yourself. This requires experience in carrying out these works, as well as specialized knowledge of legal and other professional fields. Therefore, it is best to immediately contact a reliable and trusted translation company. Such is the professional translation agency Littera.

This agency has been working in the field of translations for over 10 years and has an impeccable reputation in the market, therefore it guarantees pleasant and safe cooperation with clients on mutually beneficial conditions. Littera employs qualified translators and editors in various specialized fields who can easily cope with the task of any complexity.

You can order a legal translation into English or Swedish, as well as any other language. If necessary, the language service provider Littera provides a document legalization service with certification by a sworn notary, so the client can get certified legal translation services.

For cooperation with the translation agency Littera - go to the website and call the specified phone number. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of service, on-time delivery, as well as reasonable prices for all types of translation services.


2. Features of the legal document’s translation

Everyone may be faced with the need to translate legal documents, regardless of type of activity. This procedure may be required for employment, the resolution of inheritance disputes, in cooperation with foreign companies and other types of foreign economic activity. Translation of legal documents is one of the most difficult, therefore, has many features.


What is the complexity of legal translation?

Basic knowledge of laws is necessary for the competent and correct translation of the details of a legal text from the language into the language. In this case, the corresponding concepts between the legal systems of different countries in the original document and its translation should not be distorted. If the legal translator does not possess such knowledge and skills, then it is very difficult for him, and in some cases, it will be impossible to complete the correct legal translation of such a document.

It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the legal field in some aspects covers various professional fields. You may encounter this when translating a wide variety of documents:

  • Manuals
  • Legal contracts
  • Certificates
  • Protocols and many others

The documents listed in the list are often associated with varying degrees of liability between the parties to the agreement or correspondence. Therefore, the slightest mistake or inaccuracy in the legal translation of the text can lead to serious consequences. To avoid them, you should contact a trusted company with a good reputation and experience in this field.

Where can I order legal document translation services?

Since a lot depends on the correctly stated and formulated content of a legal document, its translation should be ordered only at a trusted professional agency. Such an approach to business will not only free up time for you to solve other problems, but also guarantee fast, and most importantly high-quality performance of work. Among the many offers on the network, it is important to choose a reliable company that will satisfy all the needs of the customer.

The best solution for fast and high-quality legal translation of the text will be cooperation with the agency "Littera". This is a company with many years of experience, which has a staff of certified employees - real professionals in their field. They can easily cope with the legal translation of any complexity, and, if necessary, they will legalize documents. Translation prices will pleasantly surprise you.


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