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Since 1984 we have installed a lot of different heat pumps and have created over 5,000 satisfied customers. A receipt of our appreciated job we value very highly! We can all about heat pumps, whether it's a constellation for the smaller row house or for the big family feel. We have the solution just for you!
We always make honest quotes and take care of all the work therebetween. Everything from authority contacts that may be needed and various documents that need to be established prior to installation. We prioritize to be included throughout the installation process with our own staff specially trained to work with our heat pumps. We want all our customers to feel safe when they choose to hire us, and above all, that the cooperation works smoothly and easily! Heat pumps are becoming an increasingly common heating system as more and more people find out that the heat pump is economical alternatives and moreover usually cheaper than any other heating system in the market. It is also a very smooth and easy-to-use heating option that suits the vast majority of families and also in most types of houses. Energipartner in Stockholm has many years of experience in heat pumps and heat pump service in Stockholm. We are experts in our field and always work to make our customers feel 100% satisfied by seeing each customer as a unique individual with their own specific energy needs.
So why is a taklggarna i stockholm such an economically advantageous solution? By transforming the energy that is stored naturally in both air, soil, water and bedrock, you get tons of energy completely free, which can then be converted into heat. Simply both environmentally and economically!
We at Energipartner in Stockholm will help you with anything that involves replacing or repairing a heat pump. Our heat pump service is of a high standard and we are always ready to crumble our arms and help you no matter! Perhaps you need to repair an already existing heat pump? Or is this not an option and you need to replace the existing heat pump altogether? It can be hard to decide on your own and therefore you can always contact us at the least foundations!
We always send out an experienced technician to implement a heat pump service directly in place at your home. Our technician determines directly if it is best to take out the existing heat pump and repair and maintain it, or if installing a brand new heat pump is the best option.
Should a reperation come into effect, we will receive a quote with cost suggestions. If, on the other hand, you choose to replace the heat pump completely and hire us for the job, then we will cancel the price of the service visit. This is an offer we offer to all our customers who choose to upgrade their heat pump facility via us at Energipartner in Stockholm! We always offer our customers heat pump service! Because the vast majority of mountain heating plants we see today have 30 years of age, we need a solid knowledge of how to work on this. Although all heat pumps are designed to heat a house for many years, there is always a far-reaching limit. In addition to this, the authorities have also changed the rules that have taken place over the years. Among other things, you have changed the rules regarding which refrigerant is allowed and this means that an older heat pump may not even be repaired as it does not meet the new rules.

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